CJ, MWCA Founder/ Instructor, has an extensive background in baseball with a clear passion for developing athletes, especially in the areas of catching.

During and since CJ’s career, he has been involved in developing and working with youth, high school & professional players. He has many contacts even now with pro coaches and teams.


Kyle, MWCA Instructor, has a clearly defined fantastic passion for this game and development of our youth.

Since his career, Kyle has instructed baseball to over 500 youth in 1 on 1 private instruction and team camps.

Kyle has helped numerous athletes develop certain parts of their game, that ultimately helped propel their careers on to college and professional levels.


Sean is the High-Performance Director and Strength and Conditioning coach at Sports Performance Institute & Mid-West Catching Academy. As a vastly sought- after strength and conditioning coach around the Tulsa area, Sean has expanded over his 8-year career. He works with healthy and recently injured athletes to optimize their athletic ability, and/or return them to competition as safely and efficiently as possible. He has years of experience working with youth, high school, division 1, professional and Olympic athletes. With over 25 certifications obtained under the NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) over the years, he continues to be inspired to learn more from other professionals and researches/practices the most up to date exercise science.

As a result, his training style is a broad discipline of not just “strength training,” but Dynamic Neuromuscular Retraining, Postural Restoration, Functional Movement and position/end range efficiency all under the individual's biological/physiological makeup. In addition to traveling to other facilities to train, his work locally with the Tulsa Oilers and his training at Sports Performance Institute, he has created programs to help closely train with your athlete to improve their performance (no matter what age, sport, position.)

“The moment you think you know everything, that is the moment you lose everything there is to know.” – Sean



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